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Fonts Centre

Fonts Centre
You can download various Non - English fonts from the links below.

Font Name Appearance (Preview) Download Link
AnjaliOldLipi (Unicode)
Meera (Unicode)
Rachana (Unicode)
Chilanka (Unicode)
Dyuthi (Unicode)
Suruma (Unicode)
Uroob (Unicode)
Raghu Malayalam (Unicode)
Gayathri - Regular

Note: The fonts listed above are provided 'as is', sourced from the developers or other providers. The owner of this website is not responsible for the development of any of these fonts; neither does he have any tie-up or other relationship, commercial or otherwise, with the developers and hence can't provide any technical assistance regarding the use of the same. Further, the owner of this website does not porvide any assurance regarding updates /newer versions that the developers may release from time to time. The Unicode fonts listed above are sourced from the fonts page of 'Swathanthra Malayalam Computing'. Other fonts are sourced from the websites of the respective newspapers / portals. Users may contact the respective developers / websites for any technical support / other information regarding these fonts.

To display Malayalam correctly, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Download AnjaliOldLipi* Font and copy the font to the 'Fonts' folder.
            (If you have an older version installed in the machine, delete the old one and copy - paste the new one.)
Steps Internet Explorer users Mozilla Firefox users Google Chrome users
Step 2 Open Tools > Internet Options > General > Fonts. Open Tools > Options > Content > Fonts & Colors > Advanced. Click 'Customize and control Google Chrome' Toolbar icon > Settings > Show advanced settings > Customize fonts...
Step 3 Select 'Malayalam' from 'Language script' drop-down box. Select 'Malayalam' from the 'Fonts for' drop-down box. Select 'Unicode (UTF-8)' under 'Encloding'
Step 4 Select AnjaliOldLipi as the Web Font from the list below. Select AnjaliOldLipi.ttf for all font types. Select 'AnjaliOldLipi' under 'Standard font', 'Serif font' and 'Sans-serif font' options
Step 5: Restart the browser.
Note: You may need to restart the system if you are installing the font for the first time and if it is not listed in the Font lists.
* Note: The font 'AnjaliOldLipi' is selected as a representative example of Unicode fonts in the instructions here. You may use any other Unicode font by following similar steps.

You may also be interested in typing in Malayalam. To type in Malayalam, you can use various web-based transliteration tools such as Google input tool or a Unicode keyboard input tool such as Mozhi Keyman or KeyMagic. You can download 'Mozhi Keyman' from here OR 'KeyMagic' from here. Extract the zip file and run the executable file to install the utility.

(To download Mozhi Keyman and additional unicode utilities from its original source, visit https://sites.google.com/site/cibu/)

Restart the system after installing the tool. Now you can see the icon OR , depending on the installed tool, in the Windows Taskbar near the time display. Now you can use the tool to type in Malayalam in any text editor / other software that supports unicode.

To type in Malayalam while using any editor / other software, click the icon of the tool and select the required keyboard layout from the popup menu. The icon will change, displaying a letter in Malayalam.

To type Malayalam letters, type the letters as they are pronounced. i.e., like 'amma' (അമ്മ), 'acchhan' (അച്ഛന്‍) etc.
(For details. refer the Character Map.)

To go back to normal English typing, click the icon again and select the option to turn off.

For further information, goto http://varamozhi.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Contents/Unicode:_How_To

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~ Viji Pinarayi ~

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