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Pls Don't give much popularity to the DIC as that party was formed only for the maintenance of their family and their well wishers. A leader like Karunakaranji should have thought twice before committing political suicide,as the congress and its leaders were giving a big face value to this respected gentlemen.

Any how this is a lesson for all the leaders who value their kids , rather than the nation

Kader Hassan.P,Kerala
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I recently came across a letter by one of the readers regarding CPI (M)'s opposition to India's stand in the Iran Nuclear issue. It seems that the respected reader, like many others, suffer from 'Political Myopia' against the Party. The views expressed by the reader seems to originate from either his ignorance of the darker sides of the issue or his selfinduced blindness towards truth.

The reader is criticizing Iran and its "extremist fundamentalist religious President" for "flouting all IAEA rules, international laws, UN nuclear nonproliferation treaty and the warnings of IAEA President..." or, rather, by his opposition to the so-called 'appeasement of Muslims', he's forced into believing these allegations by the US Led 'anti-Muslim' warmongers.

I would like to call the respected reader's attention to a few questions:

1. Iran is one of the countries that have signed the Nuclear NonProliferation Treaty (NPT), and since 2002, all the nuclear research centres in Iran have been under the scanner of IAEA. It is only after the controversial referral of the issue to the UN Security Council that they have asked the IAEA to remove the cameras installed for observation of the country's nuclear facilities. Then what 'IAEA rules' the reader is talking about that Iran has flouted?

2. It seems that the reader is unaware of the concept of nuclear 'nonproliferation'. The Treaty calls for 'NonProliferation' only, and not 'Nuclear Disarmament'. It does NOT demand for destruction / discarding of nuclear weapons by the countries that are already established nuclear powers, which is must for ensuring a world free from nuclear weapons. It doesn't ban the socalled 'superpowers' from further development of more advanced and destructive weapons. Instead, it demands that other countries (that are not yet nuclear powers) should not develop nuclear warheads, and all research and development activities on the nuclear field by such countries should be under international scanner. (Or, in other words, it's like the 'superpowers' saying that 'we will do whatever we want, but you should not do anything without our permission'.) Thus, the Treaty in itself is partisan and a 'perfect example' of 'double standards'.

3. Is it that the reader is unaware of the fact that our own India has NOT signed the NPT, taking the view that it contains conditions that are against the interests of the country? Given this stand of our Country, what right, legal or moral, has India got to criticize Iran for "flouting the NPT"..? What would be our answer if Iran says 'Doctor, heal thyself'..?

4. What right the US and their allies have got to go ahead with their 'war cries' against Iran, while they themselves have amassed more than enough threats to the safety of the world? Is it unknown to the world that US is the single largest manufacturers of 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' and the proponents of chemical and outerspace warfare?

5. The CPI (M)'s opposition to the government's stand is not affected by what stand other countries take. There is nothing that requires CPM to follow what is done by China or any other country for that matter. If it was the other way, would the respected reader also demand that CPI (M) should support their 'Master' China's earlier claims on Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh?

6. Is it that the reader is oblivious to the excesses committed by Israel, one of the alltime allies of the US, on Palestine? Is he unaware that Israel has the largest nuclear warhead collection in the Western Asia region? Why the US is not telling a single word against Israel, and, on the other hand, enthusiastically comes up in defence, applying the 'veto' power against any resolutions by various countries in UN Security Council against Israel?

7. The reader appears to show deep concern about the prospects of Iran's nuclear developments to get into the hands of extremist and terrorist groups. Good! But, then, isn't he turning a blind eye to the terrorist activities sponsored by our own neighbours in Kashmir soil? Why he is not telling a single word against the nuclear warheads developed / procured by Pakistan? Is he unaware that it was a Pakistani scientist, Mr. Abdul Quadir Khan, (and NOT an Iranian) who played key role in providing secret assistance in nuclear technology to the socalled "extremist groups"? Isn't it known to the respected leader that Pakistan had been dependent on eloquent US support in developing their nuclear programme and other arms and the USsupplied warheads were used by them against India in the Kargil standoff? Isn't the FACT that Pakistan, a 'key ally' of the US, is supporting the terrorists in J & K right now more dangerous to India's interests than the mere "POSSIBILITY" (Not FACT) of Iran's nuclear plan being hijacked by the extremists 'in long term'?

8. Recently, a group of US Senators have brought up a resolution asking the US govt. to pressurize India to open up its nuclear facilities to international inspection (read US interception) in return of the Govt. proposed nuclear cooperation with India. This is just one step below the stand the USA has taken against Iran. Will the respected reader support the demand, if the US Govt. accepts the resolutions and turns against India?

9. It is not 'invisible' to 'observant eyes' (with a 'thinking brain' behind!) that almost all countries against which the US has trained its guns in the name of 'supporting terrorism' and 'manufacture of Weapons of Mass Destruction' are either oilrich countries (like Iraq, Iran, Venezuela etc.) or those led by Communist Governments. It is evident that the US Administration's move against Iran, similar to their attack on and occupation of Iraq, flouting all international laws and even challenging the UN, claiming that they have the right to train their guns on anybody or any country that they feel are 'dangerous' to their 'national interests', is a move with eyes well set on the rich oil reserves in these countries. The socalled 'world opinion' is, in fact, the opinion 'purchased' by the US with it money power or a 'coerced opinion' forced by their armspower. Does the reader believe that, if the US were bound by International Laws not to attempt unfair tactics (either by money or by threats) in 'formulating' the 'opinion' of other countries, and there existed another 'super power' who can force the USA to abide by the Laws, the 'world opinion' would have been the same as now?

10. Yes, the CPI (M) is standing by Iran, against the interests of the US and the socalled 'world opinion'. But it's not because the move against Iran is Pro-US and Anti-Muslim, but because it is against the principles India had stood by. If their stand could be blamed as "AntiAmerican enemity" and "appeasement of Muslims", can't the stand taken by the Indian Government be labelled "ProAmerican Amity" and attempted "appeasement of the US 'Masters' by an 'obedient servant'"?

Going by the views I have expressed above, I do expect the respected reader to brand me also as "AntiAmerican" and a 'blind supporter' of CPI (M)...! Well, I'm not a member or even worker of the CPI (M), but I do share the Party's views in the issue and do stand by them in what you call "appeasement of Muslims", because I believe 'appeasement of Muslims' in India is better than appeasement of those who try to 'Rule by Terror' from outside India..!

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Time Recalls Mahatma Gandhi.

The article of 'Nireekshakan' was a defenite guideline to take steps against the present UPA government if at all you want to save the country from disaster. Please call for a debate on the subject and let us see how the people react; I am afraid the Indians residing here are ignorant about the treachery of the present rulers at the centre ; and as per their version, "this is the right path to civilisation and development".

Name : Dr.A.M.C.Menon
Email :
Location : United States

Deny re entry to DIC

DIC is trying to re enter UDF, after its failure to enter LDF.
It will bring 'shame' to Congress and UDF.It will also create problems for them also.
DIC outfit itself is a rotten one. No one wish to share with them. Karunakaran only did harm to the nation.
If UDF permits that partt to re enter the front, it will not in any be helpful to the UDF.



The U.P Minister Haji Yakub Qureshi should be arrested for appealing the people to commit murder! This kind of public announcements are clear and enough evidence for an arrest. Also the minister is trying to incite the poor and illiterate people byoffering to give huge amount of money! If murder is for the sake of religion, why he himself can't go and do that ? Why ask others to do that ?. This is just a cheap play with money power. These kind of speeches from a public leader should not be tolerated



I am always an ardent reader of your publications. I started reading mathrubhumi when I was studying in Muyyam U.P. School,Taliparamba,Kannur, in 70s. I left Kerala for acquaintance of a job in the year 1980 and I was in Ranchi (Jharkhand) for 5 years and after that I am working with NCL, Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh, since 1985.

I am writing this letter to intimate you our nostalgic feelings about Mathrubhumi publications. With the change of time, mathrubhumi is also moving ahead by way of modifying/updating your online sites etc. I take this opportunity to congratulate your crew members for making this kind of greatness,which will be remembered forever.

Muyyam Rajan
Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh
email :

We want our money back

We, the Keralites do not know who are the culprits in SNC Lavalin issue. One thing is clear, Kerala lost millions.
We want the money back. Otherwise we will not pay any tax.
Keralites, Join. No more Taxes. Fight against the corruption.
Down with Thieves and scoundrals!


This is an eye opener

Congrats for publishing the article 'ham sab chor hei'. Its undoubtedly an eyeopener to the indifferent kerala public.

Name : Fr.Shinu Thomas,Switzerland
Email :

Improve quality of teaching

The Government of Kerala has conducted so many conferences recently with regard to higher education sector and the need to improve quality in higher education. But conferences did not mention anything about the failure of the government in implementing the U.G.C. scheme. U.G.C. scheme aims at improving quality in higher education. While considering the quality of higher education one cannot forget the role of teachers. In order to motivate teachers to improve quality, commitment and achieving excellence U.G.C. has made so many provisions. But government of Kerala neglected all these provisions and simply increased the salary of the college teachers. The approach of the Government destroys the enthusiasm, motivation and creativity of many college teachers who are really committed and dedicated to quality in education.

Now the Government is repeatedly saying to improve the quality in higher education. Is the Government really interested? Does the Government want to protect the underqualified teachers? The actions of the Government show that the Government is not really committed to quality in higher education. The College teachers associations are against quality in higher education. The Government simply obeys the college teachers associations who are interested only in salary. The Government also will have to protect the interest of the society and people. Therefore the only way to improve the quality in higher education is to implement U.G.C. norms in Colleges.

Dr S. Mohanan,

We should not pay taxes!

This is about the Lavalin Case. Corruption is not new. Almost all the Ministers are corrupt,it seems.Keralites should change this situation.. We should have the right to recover the money lost to the public.Let it be UDF or LDF, Pinarai or Kadavoor. We want our money back.Catch the culprits in in Public. Confiscate their wealth.Our judicial system is not doing justice. No corrupt official till this date has been ordered to repay the stolen money.Now we have to decide. Money is ours.. We want our money back. Otherwise tell, frankly WE WILL NOT PAY THE TAXES.

Rajan Nair, Texas, USA

Why this negtive attitude ?

We saw the sad news regarding the ruling of the Highcourt on signing the Smart City contract. Very sorry to say that our people are complaining about good Projects
for political reasons. It not only affects the future of Kerala including the pravasi Malayalees also.All other states are welcomming and supporting good projects. Why Keralalites are against the progress of the state ? foreign companies prefer other states ,why? We should think about this.

Pravasi Malayalee Well Wisher

What is the truth?

: Ref: Your editorial and other reports on the subject of Lavelin contracts and episodes.
The people are still in the oblivion, rather made to believe so! What exactly is the truth? Why are all in a frightened mood? Who is the thief in the ship? We expect the truth will come out if it is inquired into sincerely and truthfully. People are not interested in party politics; but in the building up of a clear and healthy socio economic order base on mutual help and cooperation instead of hatred and unrestness in the name of class, communities and religion, what so ever it may be. And desparities between haves and havenots have to be bridged up, otherwise, no equality and opportunity can be claimed of.....


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Chiv :

Thought provoking article

This is to say a word of appreciation on the article "Changing formulas in Politics", which appeared on 5206. The article was something thoughtprovoking and we need more of this sort in the changing 'businesspolitics' of our India today.

Dr. K. Biju,Italy

How much have they looted?

stepped down five years back we were in debt for Rs.14,000 crores and right now it is 41,000 crores(smell the rhyme?)and how much more it is going to be after the last minute enmassing of loot by the UDF is to be accounted later. Please let the Keralites know this as they are getting ready to vote for the next set of pioneers of corruption.

Dr.A.M.C.Menon,New Jersey

CPM is wrong

Yes, CPIM's wrong stand is clearly for appeasement of Muslims.
CPIM, everybody in the world and every countries in the world knows that Iran under its extremist fundamentalist religious President flouting all IAEA rules, international laws, UN nuclear nonproliferation treaty and the warnings of IAEA President Mr.ElBeradi and all 99% of world countries and going ahead with banned and illegal nuclear processing. If Iran's aim was right, they would have accepted Russai's offer of processing. Everybody knows that Venezuela, Cuba and Syria sided Iran not due to the fact that they approve Iran in their wrong doing and violation of int'l agreements, but only due to blind American enemity. Right or wrong, or world opinion is there or not, these countries will vote for any side where there is no USA.

Since, Iran is doing wrong, all Muslim countries, except Syria and all nonaligned nations, all communist countries except Cuba, otherwise always standing against USA, also are opposed to Iran.

CPIM can see that last time only one country sided Iran in 35 number executive committee. They know that this time even their Masters China and Russia, Vietnam and all countries except Cuba, Venezuela and Syria opposed Iran. They know that India can move with truth, right and world countries only and India cannot distance itself from world opinion.

CPIM knows that acquiring Nuclear weapons by Iran and its extremist elements can in long term slip into terrorist hands and finally it will be against the interest of India, since all Muslim extremists terrorists are fighting against India in Kashmir.

Knowing all these ground realities and truth, CPIM just making big sound in favour of Iran, just to appease Muslims in India and get some Muslims vote in return in the coming elections. They already succeeded in their cunning aim. Today many Muslim leaders in Kerala came forward and criticised India, while all their Muslim brethren in Arab countries oppose Iran in their wrong doing and approve of India's right stand.

Palavilayil Thomas Panicker

Express Highway!

Let us believe Pinarayi\'s words. Let the remaining flora and fauna of Kerala, the God\'s own, be there for generations to come till this plantet survives. May the ensuing ruling parties have right thinking and perspective vision! .............

Lxman, Dallas, Tx, USA.

Timely warning

Your editorial about India playing for the whims and fancies of America is well accepted and,of course, it is a timely warning agianst what is in store in future.Our prime minister and 'super power' are defenitely planning to bring back the old days against which our fore fathers fought and brought the freedom from the exploiters.Please write about this again, vehemently and let the Indians discern the danger that lies ahead.

Dr.Menon,New Jersey.

How long they can hide their Agenda from the public?

A thought provoking article I just read online in Mathrubhumi dated Feb.4,2006.

I do not want to comment on the subject in a fundamental partisan spirit. However, I am to say that "LIFE" is above allall the pompous and style! The animated species can thrive here only in water, earth and air. If we still continue to contaminate them,the life will be impossible. What the peoples at large now want is minimum needs'food, cloths and shelter. Then comes health and education for all. And every thing for eveyboddy...Who can promise this and deliver the goods to them, the downtrodden, ie. the "proletariat"? High sounding words alone will not serve the purpose. Ofcourse money is required. Will the forming of a mutinationalstyle "giantt Cooperative Bank" at the apex of all the Dist. Cooperative Banks stisfy the needs of the aforesaid crosssection of people?

The God's on land stripped at the southwest bottom of India cannot be equated with Gulf countries or "States" where the expanse of barren land is unmeasurably available, so that they can build multistoried buildings leaving in front of them vast spaces for comfortable parking of hundredsa of vehicles in between the buildings and both sides of the four or even eightlined scientifically planned network of roads' very strongly and beautifully constrcted with innumarable flyovers and unerbridges. And where ever feasible plants not cut but beautifully maintained. Kerala, with rivers , mountains and plateaus with innumarable habitats and thickly populated hamlets are found cannot afford to, whatver is said in the article!

K.V.Laxmanan ,Kannur>

Malayali's who hate to speak Malayalam

The feature on "Malayalathe Patti " by KK Bhaskaran, Payyannur dated 26.01.06 was interesting to read. Usually it is seen that this is a regular practice in among the \"pravasi malayalees\" also they prefer to speak in other languages than their mother tongue. It is interestingly noted from the article that some Gujarathi\'s are taking pain in learning malayalam, whereas some of the pravasi malayalees are avoiding to utter their mother tongue in common platforms. When two Bengalis meet together they prefer to speak in their own language, but in case of malayalees the case is otherwise. They may prefer to speak in \'Hindi\'or other language and intentionally avoid to speak in Malayalam. What a sorry state of affairs!

Muyyam Rajan
Singrauli,Madhya Pradesh

Expose their double standard

I am from Kannur district and was a supporter for CPM for years.I am from a village where any other political party other than CPM can't survive.I am very disappointed by party's recent changes.Eventhough CPM and LDF conducted a lot of protests and gatherings against ADB and Multinationals,now the party is openly supporting them.All five city corporations which are completely controlled by the party accepted all terms by ADB.Party leaders are spending more time to communicate with Multinationals than with the common people. CPM's doublestandard has to be exposed by a media like Mathrubhumi.LDF should be propoor otherwise there is absolutely no difference between LDF and UDF.It looks like Ummen chandy even though you criticize him so harshlyis much better than some of the present party leaders.

CalicutOh ! What a development !

I am a 'Pravasi' for many years now. The initial 28 years of my life, I lived in Kerala before moving to Mumbai and then to 'Bangalooru'. Now, for the past several years I am toiling in the gulf. I visit Calicut, now my home town, every year. I love that place for the warmth of the people there and for the moderate weather conditions compared to Palakkad, the place where I originally come from.

One remarkable thing about Calicut is that the developments in the city in the last say 10 years are many. Though the overall look and feel of the place has not changed a bit, thanks to the nice people from here, the City planning and traffic authorities have brought in many improvements. Let me list a few items from the ever increasing collection.

1. While retaining the original pothole on all important main roads, the size and depth have been quadrupled. Creation of new ones is ongoing and are retained. During rainy time it helps in rain water harvesting and statistics show that the ground water table has become very high in the city.

2. The size of mosquitoes have been improved to the size of a small bird while increasing their numbers at any given time after 530 PM to many folds. The great canal flowing from Karaparamba junction through Eranhipalam to Mavoor Road and beyond is doing a wonderful service to the people of Calicut by producing enough number of these 'blood thirsty' birds to meet the increase in human population. This has helped people to have more physical activity at night with less sleep and lesser blood volume. According to leading physicians the incidence of 'blood pressure' is less in Calicut area compared to other cities. This may be directly attributed to the increased activities of these mosquitoes.

3. The traffic department in other countries are seriously contemplating to adopt Calicut's unique traffic system of allowing two way traffic on any one way traffic road any time after 745 PM to next morning until a Police cap is seen in the vicinity.

4. The traffic lights that had never worked installed at all traffic junction has become a hot subject of discussion on all Road safety workshops. Other cities around the globe are sending research groups to Calicut to study this possibility there also.

5. The population explosion is also kept under check thanks to the buses that zip through the narrow roads. The limited stop buses that ply between Calicut and other towns needs a special mention. Without them, the accident and emergency care of the Medical College and the other private hospitals would have been rendered jobless. Apart from this, the tinkering workshops and paint shops are bustling with activity and the business is improving per day.

6. The traffic department has also ensured more driving thrills if you have not had enough. The nail biting drive from 4th gate through Cannanore Road to join YMCA cross road and from Gandhi Road to Christian college cross road towards Wynad road could be true unforgettable experiences. It can be as thrilling as surfing against an oncoming Tsunami.

7. I also want to mention about the musical beating on the bus doors by the 'Kilis'' as they overtake a boring safe driver on the road. It reminds one, of the age of bullock carts where the driver will use his stick to make such sounds to make the bulls run faster. How nostalgic!!

The interesting sights and scenes are many.. I will try to continue at a later occasion. I hope the authorities will do nothing to change these attractions as I intend to visit again in the next 56 months. I do not want to miss my Calicut.

Madan Mohan Ambat

Oommen chandy is the best Chief Minister

Perhaps our chief minister, Mr.Oommen chandy is the only leader who is facing criticism from various corners for un necessary and unwanted issues.But in reality, he is the best chief minister ever we had and his dynamic and bold decision and approaches are praiseworthy.I am sure that he is sincere in his work and nobody can say that he is corrupt. Still some vested people are after him. They should know that nobody can stop his courageous approaches and the people who really love their state and democracy will support him. We are all behind him and his fellow party leaders like AK Antony who have the clear image.

Only one request to all critics that do not oppose him without any valid reasons and give him an applause for his march towards a greater Kerala.

Email :

Narendran Commission, why the hurry?

Why the kerala govt. is taking a sudden decision regarding the Narandran commission now, majority of people are opposing to this. Oommen Chandy Govt want to make a face that they had done something for the vote bank community. However 11th Hour decision is not nice for a government and it is aganist to the majority of Kerala.



The decision taken by the Health Minister of Kerala to ban sale of pan masala and other tobaco products in the vicinity of educational institutions is a step in the right direction. In the recent times lot of students and youngsters got addicted to these products. Gutkha,panmasala and cigarattes are the major reason for cancer in youngsters. The government should enforce law to put an end to the sale of tobaco related products in Kerala.

The next step is now to see that the decision is enforced in the state. Eventhough smoking in public places are banned, there is hardly any action in this regard.


Father and son were planning

I don't have any sentiments regarding Dharam singh ministry.He was a poor choice by Congress high command and was a big failure.Dharam singh was blackmailed by Deva gowda and Kumaraswamy right from the beginning.Even though Gowda acts very innocent for all these developments,it looks like the father and son were planning for an opportunity for months.Suspension of Siddaramaihmuch popular and capable than Kumaraswamy and the frequent visits to the BJP leaders all indicated this.If you look at the performance of Gowda and Kumaraswamy for the past few years,it is a huge disappointment for every Kannadiga.He is worse than Dharam singh and I am not sure what may happen after 20 months of his chief ministership.Anyway it is a big boon for BJP and its cadres who were extremely disappointed with the poor performance in all recent elections and doesn't have power either in center,state or even in district panchayats


Why hunt our Chief Minister?

I would like to inform you all the media not only yours, regarding the hot news in Kerala right now. Nowadays all the media and all opposition parties are chasing our Honourable Chief Minister , like hunting dogs..for the case in Lok ayukta.It is clear that he did all for good. So we need not take it as a big offence. In kerala we are facing a lot of big problems and so many things need to be done for the developement and so on and on...But we are not concentrating on those things..instead of that , all are chasing him. Why all the people are behaving in an immature way?. Why is the the media giving so much importance to this small issue and divert the people's creative mind to this stupid matter? Pen only can change the mind of peoples, now our people should think only about the development of our country ce. Smart City, Container Terminal..People should work together to make Kerala the number one state.Media should keep that in mind.

Maria Poppina
Email :

Ray Navneet wants you to know about this story on

This article,published in "THE AGE" of Melbourne, today is what the world thinks about India.It is specially relevant to Kerala, and I wish all your Kerala readers, have an opportunity to digest it, specially our politicians in both UDF and LDF and most importantly politicians living in the stone age,such as Acudanandan, and Pinarayi Vijayan.

Race is not always to the swift

January 18, 2006

Ray Navneet

People return to their culture

The writeup 'Nirmanam Vasthu Vidyayude Vazhiyileku'(Mathrubhumi dtd 16.01.06)is an advice to the people even to those who are not believing in Vasthu Sasthras. Due to modernization by adopting western culture, lot of people of Bharat have forgotten their own culture, customs and beliefs. But presently we see that they come back to our own culture, customs and Vasthu Sasthra. When they lose peace and bad things happen at home they are reconstructing their house according to the Vasthu Sastra.

Sivarajan G Acharya
New Delhi


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